In June Year 6 students start a four week transition programme. Heartlands Academy offers a unique opportunity whereby Year 6 students receive an in-depth experience of what it is like to be a Heartlands student. Over the four week programme students will experience the subjects that they will be taught the following September. This programme also enables both students and staff to begin to develop those positive working relationships that Heartlands Academy is famed for. Students will also be given the opportunity to work with a variety of new people who could well become their new best friends in the years to come. During the transition programme parents are also invited in for an assembly where information is provided and any questions can be answered. Heartlands Academy staff are eager to meet the new cohort of students and we look forward to starting our relationship with both students and parents in June.

Welcome Letters

Dear Year 6,

When you come to the front door it’s like you have come to a castle it is so big that you feel like an ant. And then you walk in. There are hundreds of people just walking around. You think of primary school as just one classroom! Then you see an ambassador smiling at you and you feel safe. You go to the assembly hall and the teachers are telling you your tutor group and you get a euphoria feeling because your best friend is in your group. At Heartlands they will do anything to help you get along. I turn around and see someone new and you begin talking to them. In your heart you know you will be good friends in the future.

When your Learning Manager is talking to you it’s exciting. They are telling you all the amazing things that you are going to be doing in transition you will find out that you have a very kind and supportive tutor. It is great! Transition is great! You will discover yours…

Patouma Lakie

Transition was great. You get to do lessons you love and you get to be active. It is very exciting especially playing with students already at Heartlands Academy. The best part of transition is making new friends and meeting new teachers. Break time is probably the best thing in the school because it is a time to interact with new people. These people could be even be my best friend in the future.

Every person in this school in helpful. If you get lost someone is always there to help you out. On the first day of transition it was scary and I was worried as I didn’t know what it was going to be like. I realised that this was a mistake as throughout transition I made loads of friends. You will never be alone as people from other schools are looking forward to making new friends, just like you.

Mohammed Zeeshan

The first day of transition is the most exciting and scary day of my life. When you walk through the door your day has begun and you realise that you are now a Heartlands Academy student. You’ll make new friends straight away and on my first day I made lots of new friends. You will never be alone!

I loved being in tutor time. It is a place where you can get support from the members of staff. They will help you with anything that you desire. Whether your In tutor time, getting lost of the corridors or in the playground someone is always there to help you.

Yusuf Warsame

I am writing to tell you about my experiences of transition at Heartlands Academy. Transition at Heartlands Academy was amazing. We were placed into our new tutor groups on the first day and had some fun lessons. We even had 3 break times! The lessons we went in to were really fun and interesting. I was scared on my first day as I didn’t know what to expect. Mr Hanson (our new Learning Manager) was strict and scary at first but he turned out to nice and supportive (if you behaved yourself!). The school is huge and had got an awesome library. Transition at Heartlands Academy was cool so you definitely don’t have anything to worry about.

Zaynab Isse

Transition has been so good! I remember on my first week I was nervous and worried at home. When I arrived at Heartlands Academy Mr Hanson (our new Learning Manager) said “Hello” to all of us and told us not to worry. I started to feel less worried and happier. When it was lunchtime I made lots of new friends. They all played with me and we had lots of fun. Everyone was king and all the Heartlands students said hello to me. It made me feel like I belonged at Heartlands Academy already. Eeveryone really cared about us! All the teachers showed us where everything was and they made sure that we didn’t get lost. The teachers at Heartlands Academy are amazing. They are kind, cheerful and happy. I have loved transition at Heartlands Academy and can’t wait to start Year 7 in September.

Benafsha Akbari

Transition days are amazing! On my first day I made a whole bunch of new friends. If you need any help you can ask your ambassador or your form tutor. You even get 3 break times throughout the day! There were lots of great lessons such as Design Technology, Art and Science. Each teacher is so much fun and there are loads of practical activities. I was so nervous on my first day and I thought I was going to get lost but the teachers and ambassadors helped me so much. I am no longer nervous about coming to Heartlands Academy. In fact, I am so excited!

Sahra Khalif

Mr Hanson

Mr Hanson

Year 7 Learning Manager