Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up Premium

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools and academies additional funding to support Year 7 students who did not achieve at least a level four in reading or mathematics at the end of key stage two.


Total amount of funding received: £13,000

Additional Strategies

  • Maths Whizz: a programme designed to identify skills gaps in Mathematics and provide fully interactive learning activities to fill the gaps with targeted teaching.
  • Teaching Leaders Fellows Programme: Our Literacy Lead Practitioner is completing the fellows programme and has based her Impact Initiative on increasing the reading ages of students through direct teaching of all eight reading skills across English, Physical Education, Computing, Drama and Textiles.
  • Lead Practitioner for Mathematics: an additional Lead Practitioner for Mathematics to further enhance teaching and learning in Maths.


Total amount of funding received: £15,500


  • Fresh Start Programme: a full teaching programme that ensures children can read confidently.
  • Increased English and Mathematics teaching capacity: allowing for smaller class sizes, with more targeted support.
  • My Maths programme: a subscription service that students can access at home and in school which provides a fully interactive learning resource, to develop students’ maths skills.
  • Learning Resource Centre book lending: children can now borrow three books to develop a love of reading.
  • Buzz Box: a book bought for each student to support literacy skill development
  • Reading Leaders: training provided for Year 12 students to deliver reading intervention and sixth form mentors for each Year 7 tutor group.
  • First News newspaper: a copy bought for every student and used in literacy lessons to improve reading.
  • Bali Rai workshops: Patron of Reading for Heartlands Academy to raise the profile of reading for pleasure.
  • Postcards for Peace: pen pal exchange with a Canadian school to strengthen reading and writing.
  • Word games purchased: scrabble and boggle to improve reading and writing by improving spelling and building students’ vocabularies.
  • SPAG books: purchased for every student to use in every lesson to explicitly teach and support spelling punctuation and grammar.


As well as the impact outlined for each strategy above a quarter of eligible students, not only caught up but exceeded a level 4c by the end of Year 7 in English. A fifth of students did the same in Mathematics.

  • 75% of all eligible students in Mathematics met or exceeded their end of year target.
  • 100% of all eligible students in English met or exceeded their end of year target.