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At E-ACT we take inspiration from our pupils. Their insatiable appetite for knowledge, seemingly limitless energy supplies and creativity in and out of the classroom never fail to inspire.

We exist to ensure that all children, regardless of their background or postcode, have access to a great education. By giving our pupils the space and time to explore, to learn, to reach out to new people and to challenge themselves everyday, we provide an education which gives every one of our pupils the opportunity to be the best they can possibly be.

To do this we employ excellent teachers, who in turn, are supported by inspirational leaders in education. Furthermore by being part of a trust our academies can collaborate with one another, share ideas and practices. They can also rely on support, when it is needed, from teams of regional experts who enable academy staff to focus on what matters most: our pupils.

Should you like any further information on E-ACT, or if you have any questions please get in touch.

For further information please visit www.e-act.org.uk